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5 Foods That Make Your Period Happier

03 Agustus 2010

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Since your cycle is a monthly thing, it's important to eat the right stuff at the right times. Optimize your energy and relax your mood swings by eating these foods on certain days.

Days 1-5
You're emotionally sensitive right now. Magnesium-rich chow (spinach, whole grains) and foods with omega-3 fatty acids (salmon, sardines, walnuts) will steady your nerves.
Days 6-13
Rising hormones insulate you from stress, so you'll find it easier to eat healthfully. Now's the time to load up on fruits and veggies.
Days 14-17
All of your senses are heightened — including taste. Indulge in fabulous gourmet foods, such as cheese, lobster, beef, and good wine.
Days 18-23
When progesterone peaks, the bowel slows down. High-fiber dishes like brown rice, barley, and vegetables will combat constipation while keeping your energy up.
Days 24-28
PMS calls for comfort food, but pair your favorite carbs with protein to stabilize your blood sugar. Ice cream is your best bet — it's sinful and satiating.

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